Technology Board Posting StandardsEdit

What is okay?Edit

  • Technology related posts.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • This is because /g/ is a board for discussing tecnology, as the name implies.
  • News posts regarding technology or the Internet.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • If you have to ask, you're a faggot and you're killing /g/.
  • Occasional desktop threads (this includes homescreen threads), this does not include "LOL YOUR DESKTOP IS FAG".
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • They're mostly spam circlejerking, but they do showcase some neat stuff you can do with your own computer.
  • Occasional battlestation threads.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • For the same reason desktop threads aren't too bad.
  • Bi-hourly "What are you working on" threads.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • Because these are one of the few threads that seem to include even an inkling of actual programming discussion, as opposed to "LOL C++ IS FOR FAGGOT, PYTHON ALL THE WAY" threads.

What is not okay?Edit

  • "GNU/Linux" copypasta.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • It is not content that is considered related to discussing tecnology, since it is copypasta.
  • Unpackaging/"Look at what I got!" threads.
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • Nobody cares, why don't you post about why you got it or what purpose it serves?
  • Linux vs. Windows vs. Mac
    • "But why, Anon?"
    • Because anybody that has aged beyond 16 should know by now that the purpose of a computer is to accomplish your own personal goals, not to look super edgy and have the most baddest OS /g/ can recommend.
    • It is also an endless cirklejerk that clutters up the front page of /g/. Refrain from posting these kind of threads, and better, more thought out content, may occupy the front page.