The internet is  a cruel and horrible place. You might want to drop out of the matrix and join an anonymous network.


Tor sets up a SOCKS proxy to the normal internet, allowing you to send any application's connection anonymously through the tor network. any connections made through tor will be anonymised but not confidential unless you use end to end encryption in the application, like ssl/tls for web browsing, or an ssh tunnel. Torrenting is discouraged as it uses up too much bandwidth.


I2P is end to end encrypted and seperate from the normal internet, this means that connections through i2p are both confidential and anonymous. No-one can know who you are talking to, or what you are saying to them, because there are no exit nodes. Tor hidden services(.onions) work in a similar way. All internet applications can be forwarded through I2P including ed2k, gnutella, and torrents. Torrenting is encourages on i2p although you cannot connect to non-i2p torrent swarms.


Freenet is a distributed filesystem, containing lots of CP.